“..this book is essential reading.”
… The connection between toxins and disease is now as undisputed as it is ignored by the medical community.  For the first time, we have clear roadmap of how these toxins impact our health, but more importantly a practical plan for reducing our exposures and maximizing our body’s own detoxification.  This book should be a mandatory part of all medical school curriculums.  And for any human living in the 21st century seeking to improve their health this book is the essential reading.”

- Dr. Mark Hyman – Chairman, IFM

…the most important book…
written in years!
““The Toxin Solution may be the most important book on disease prevention that has been written in years! People have long known that good quality food, nutrients and life-style are important in improving and maintaining health. 
Now, Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, considered the " Father of Evidence Based Natural Medicine,” has put forth the case that a 4th element is probably the most important. Toxins in our food, water and environment are making  it harder and harder for us to remain healthy. The Toxin Solution shows us where toxins are, how they affect our health and how to follow a very simple plan for getting rid of many toxins to help us on the road to wellbeing.” 

- JJ Virgin –Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert

…clear, easy to follow guidelines for restoring health.
"Surprising and disturbing, and also illuminating, and hopeful. Dr. Pizzorno, a world-renowned authority on natural medicine, presents cutting edge research that shows how the toxins in our environment and our food make us ill.

He gives us clear, easy to follow guidelines for reversing the process and restoring and enhancing our health."

James S. Gordon, MD  - Executive Director, The Center for Mind-Body Medicine

…This is a must read for anyone…
“This is a must read for anyone seriously interested in how environmental toxins influence human health and what a person can do to reduce their body burden of these disease producing chemicals".

Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D. - Founder, Functional Medicine

…Providing answers to health challenges…
"The Total Solution is another seminal contribution from the mind of an enormously insightful healer and thought-leader.

While extremely provocative, it is also quite practical in providing answers to some of our biggest health challenges…”

Michael T. Murray, ND - Author of over 20 books on natural health.

..Help us live in a toxin world…
“This book will help us open our eyes to the world we live in and what we need to do to live in it. “

Dave Asprey, NYT best-selling author of The Bulletproof Diet.

…a Powerfully Important Book…
“The Toxin Solution is a powerfully important book you should read.

It will help you get and stay healthy and win the war against our toxic filled society. If you have struggled with your health, now is the time to take lasting action.”

Daniel G. Amen, MD - Founder, Amen Clinics
…prescriptive advice.”
"Dr. Joseph Pizzorno has crafted a welcome examination of the man-made world and its effects on our health and longevity...

…Of particular value is a gift that only a seasoned clinician can provide: An abundance of helpful and effective prescriptive advice. A much-needed and timely addition to your self-help library."

- Peter D’Adamo, Professor, University of Bridgeport
…empowers reader with strategies..
"Dr. Joseph Pizzorno’s decades of experience are utilized to create a powerful guide to dramatically reduce our exposure to worrisome substances that are now recognized as playing central roles in chronic diseases.

Even more importantly, he empowers the reader with strategies designed to enhance our ability to offload the burden of toxins that we’ve accumulated, allowing health to flourish".

 - David Perlmutter, MD, NYT Best-selling author

…a gift to medicine…
“His deep research and findings on toxins,is yet another gift to medicine and reinforces what many of us are seeing in our practices.

His new book, The Toxin Solution, is another important advancement of modern medicine and a book that everyone should read." 

- Dr. Rob “Rav” Ivker, Co-Founder ABIHM

…offers practical solutions…
 “Toxin exposure is a growing crisis, threatening our health and future. Dr. Joe Pizzorno’s book,The Toxin Solution, offers a practical solution to a complicated predicament with easy-to-follow steps that show readers how to avoid these  deadly compounds and how to eliminate toxins that we have stored. This is essential reading for anyone wanting to avoid hidden poisons, highly recommended.”

—Steven Masley, best-selling author

…scientific proof…toxins the biggest contributors…
“Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, a pioneer in functional medicine, provides scientific proof that toxins are clearly the biggest contributors to chronic disease facing us today.

The Toxin Solution shows us how to reduce and detoxify our way to better health!”

- Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP, NYT Bestselling Author

...we now have a solution to abate our myriad forms of suffering.
“Every person living in the 21st century needs to read the Toxin Solution. Toxicity is one of the world’s leading and pervasive epidemics. Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, ND, discloses scientific evidence about how toxins are affecting every aspect of our lives. His illuminating work highlights how almost every interaction has the potential for toxicity or healing. It is our choice. When we are informed about the many choices we have, we come away feeling empowered and proactive about the infinite choices and decisions we make each day. Dr. Pizzorno provides us with a guideline to heal us in a world that is harming us. Thanks to Dr. Pizzorno, we now have a solution to abate our myriad forms of suffering. 

- Mordechai David Naseck, Founder, Sacred Union Here Now & Internationally Acclaimed Healer

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