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“Through deep research, I’ve found the one-link causing (1) unexplained symptoms, (2) chronic disease and pain, and a way to reverse them. The impact toxins are having on our health are devastating, but the reversal is astounding for everyone."
- Joseph Pizzorno, Founder Bastyr University, Best-selling author.
By Dr. Joseph Pizzorno
A New Must-Read Book:
How Hidden Poisons in the Air, Water, Food, and Products We Use Are Destroying Our Health – AND WHAT WE CAN DO TO FIX IT
About Dr. Joseph Pizzorno
Dr. Joe Pizzorno founded Bastyr University, the country’s first and largest fully accredited university of natural medicine, and served as its president for twenty-two years.

He is the author of The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine and The Textbook of Natural Medicine, a founder and board member of the Institute for Functional Medicine and founder and editor-in-chief of Integrative Medicine: A Clinician's Journal, the leading peer-reviewed journal in integrative medicine.

He has been honored by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine, and Natural Health Magazine, and has served on presidential committees under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. He lives in Seattle, Washington.
In "The Toxin Solution", Dr. Pizzorno provides proven methods developed to heal toxic overload and restore health in just eight weeks.
  • The invisible drivers of countless health problems... Discover how to counterbalance the hidden causes of illness and disease (p. 1)
  • A 60 year old secret to understanding diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and dementia...and how to reverse it! (p. 2)
  • The "Exhaust Fume Test" which could reveal deadly DNA damage, potentially increasing your risk of cancer. (p. 4)
    ... and this is just from the first 4 pages!
  • A quick test to see if your body is a toxic playground (and how to reverse it)
  • Page 31 reveals one health problem WORSE THAN SMOKING!
  • If you think Diabetes is caused by being overweight... think again... You'll see jaw-dropping research exposing the TRUTH about Diabetes... (p. 35)
    ... this has an even bigger impact on causing diabetes than fat, and IT'S REVERSIBLE!
  • Plus, on p. 42, you'll see the "Toxic Troubleshooter" -- a 21 question survey to assess your own personal Toxic Risk...
    Flip to this page immediately upon receiving the book, so you can become aware of the specific ways that toxins may be entering your body, right now!
Other Benefits of Toxin Solution
(what followers have experienced)
Thousands Have Had Remarkable Health Results!
Does he really need dialysis? At age 61, Charles presented with declining kidney function, elevated blood pressure (controlled by several drugs), and Type II diabetes. Although his loss of kidney function could have been caused by his diabetes (loss of blood sugar control damages the small blood vessels, such as those critical for kidney function), his medical specialist believed that some type of autoimmune activity was also damaging his glomeruli (corresponding to a 90-year-old man). His nephrologist predicted he would need to go on dialysis within 18-24 months.

The intervention was composed of 3 parts: diet, supplements and herbs. The main dietary change was to increase intake of nitrates to dilate the blood vessels (green leafy vegetables and beetroot juice) and decrease inflammation (chocolate, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and garlic). The primary supplements were fish oils, turmeric and anthocyanins to decrease inflammation.  The main herbal medicines were ginger, gotu kola and Ginkgo biloba to improve microcirculation.

Five months later, he went back to his nephrologist for reevaluation. His creatinine had decreased by 33% and his eGFR had improved to 51! (Such results are simply unheard of in conventional medicine where kidney failure is considered always progressive.) Eighteen months later, he was NOT on dialysis as his eGFR had risen to 74—in the normal range, and more like a 50-year-old.

The message: Our bodies have a tremendous ability to heal—if we just give them a chance. Virtually that chance means getting out the toxins and getting in the nutrients as needed for each unique individual.

“..this book is essential reading.”
… The connection between toxins and disease is now as undisputed as it is ignored by the medical community.  For the first time, we have clear roadmap of how these toxins impact our health, but more importantly a practical plan for reducing our exposures and maximizing our body’s own detoxification.  This book should be a mandatory part of all medical school curriculums.  And for any human living in the 21st century seeking to improve their health this book is the essential reading.”

- Dr. Mark HymanChairman, IFM
…the most important book… written in years!
“The Toxin Solution may be the most important book on disease prevention that has been written in years!...

…The Toxin Solution shows us where toxins are, how they affect our health and how to follow a verysimple plan for getting rid of many toxins to help us on the road to wellbeing.”

- JJ Virgin  Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert
…Clear, easy to follow guidelines for restoring Health.
"Surprising and disturbing, and also illuminating, and hopeful. Dr. Pizzorno, a world-renowned authority on natural medicine, presents cutting edge research that shows how the toxins in our environment and our food make us ill.
He gives us clear, easy to follow guidelines for reversing the process and restoring and enhancing our health."

James S. Gordon, MD  - Executive Director, The Center for Mind-Body Medicine
…This is a must read for anyone…
“This is a must read for anyone seriously interested in how environmental toxins influence human health and what a person can do to reduce their body burden of these disease producing chemicals".

Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D. - Founder, Functional Medicine
…Providing answers to health challenges…
"The Toxin Solution is another seminal contribution from the mind of an enormously insightful healer and thought-leader.

While extremely provocative, it is also quite practical in providing answers to some of our biggest health challenges…”

Michael T. Murray, ND - Author of over 20 books on natural health.
…a Powerfully Important Book…
“The Toxin Solution is a powerfully important book you should read.

It will help you get and stay healthy and win the war against our toxic filled society. If you have struggled with your health, now is the time to take lasting action.”

Daniel G. Amen, MD - Founder, Amen Clinics
…prescriptive advice.”
"Dr. Joseph Pizzorno has crafted a welcome examination of the man-made world and its effects on our health and longevity...

…Of particular value is a gift that only a seasoned clinician can provide: An abundance of helpful and effective prescriptive advice. A much-needed and timely addition to your self-help library."

- Peter D’Adamo, Professor, University of Bridgeport

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